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Ask any data question, in plain English.

Connect your database, ask a question, get an answer.

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Self serve data

Get the answers you need without knowing SQL.

Self serve your data insights, finally.

Query in plain english.
No matter how complex your warehouse, Channel learns how to get the answers you need from just plain English.
Beautiful visualisation.
Channel automatically generates beautiful visualisations for your data, and picks the right chart type based on your preferences.
Self service, for real.
Channel is designed to be used by anyone, from analysts to product managers. No more waiting for the data you need.
Explore your dataset

Answer the questions you should be asking.

Channel surfaces the insights you didn't know you needed, by analysing your warehouse ahead of time.

Combine your knowledge.
Channel learns from every questions it's ever asked, and prompts you to ask the questions that really matter.
Shared definitions.
Keep track of how important terms are defined across your organisation, with Channel's definitions feature.
Collaborative by design

Bring the whole team

Understanding your data is a team sport. Channel is collaborative from the ground up, so you and your team can work together to build the best products.

How does it work

Connect your data

Bring your own warehouse.
We integrate with four of the most common data warehouses, and we're adding more all the time.
Secure by design.
All credentials are stored encrypted using industry standard encryption, and you can use your own S3 bucket to store query results.
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